Who stands behind Dream Machine?


Well, once upon a time, in Qatar, there was no PhotoBooth (Yes, we also ask ourselves- what people were even doing during events back then?!) One day,  a concerned fashion photographer came to the rescue and build the first real, fun, cute, glamorous and instant Photo Booth machine offering unlimited printing on spot for weddings, sport, social and any type of events that can fit our machine. People in Qatar came to love the concept, and we came to love the people- so it become a long term relationship, which resulted in 6 more exciting and engaging concepts, creating 7 creative event concepts that connect photo and videography with marketing and give the guests unlimited fun they deserve.


Why are we different than other new companies in Doha?

We care. 

We care about you, your guests, quality and details.

We are artists, not businessmen.

We do not believe in 'it's just business. We take your projects personally.

We make sure Dream Machine is always updated with all the newest & hottest trends on the Photo Booth's market!