1 PhotoBooth

The quickest, most fun & creative photography service you can get! Perfect for ‘ladies-only’ private parties and social events, as well as children's parties, weddings, fashion, sport and cultural events for public.

It’s simple. No photographer needed. With our booth and props, your guests can enjoy unlimited printing on spot. You can choose to brand the machine, customise the props and add your logo to each photo and marketing will happen on its own.

How does it Work? Pick up your props, press START and let the machine take the first photo. Now you have 12 seconds to pick up the next prop and run back to continue the fun, until receiving a beautiful, customised printout on spot!

2 FlipBooks

Instead of taking photos, our booth will record short videos and turn them into cute,            pocket-size FlipBooks!

How does it Work? Pick up your props, press START  and let the machine take the short, silly video. You're done! The video will be converted into screenshots, printed and bound into cute, customised FlipBooks!

3 VideoBooth

Our booth will record short video clips of your guests wishing you happy bday or your customers giving their opinions about your latest product or event.

How does it Work? Pick up your props, press START, record a video and email it to yourself on spot! Alternatively, we can record high res videos and edit them so you can keep them for yourself.

+ Slow Motion VideoBooth

Boost the fun by slowing down the action!

How does it Work? It’s the same as VideoBooth, however, we will add the slow motion effect to all recordings. To make it even more engaging, we can bring the green screen with us and digitally add any background you wish. All videos will be sent to your guests by email on spot!

4 Photo VideoBooth

Still want more? This package will give your guests an option of either recording a short video or taking a picture and printing it on spot!


How does it Work? We’re connecting 2 in 1 and giving your guests the opportunity to double the fun!

5 PhotoWalker

No space for the PhotoBooth? Hosting an elegant event or fashion show and you want something classy, fun and engaging? Photo Walker is for you!

How does it Work? Our female photographer will be carrying a professional printer on her shoulder, making sure everyone receives a beautiful printout with your branding.

6  #Hashtag Printing

For those who take social media fun very seriously!

How does it Work? We will set up our machine at your event and share a special #hashtag for Instagram and Twitter. Every time your guest posts a photo using the #hashtag, it will appear automatically on our screen branded with your logo and be ready for super fast printing.

Khallas! Guests receive the printout with your logo, social media activity increases and everyone enjoys the beautiful, branded machine!

7 iShare

iShare has been specifically  designed  for crowded events and can be used for any occasion- it’s a great opportunity to creatively market your brand!

You can place the iShare machine in the middle of the shopping mall, boutique, airport or hotel.

How does it Work? It is the same concept as photobooth, but without printing on spot. Pick up your props, press START on the screen, take as many photos as you wish and our software will automatically brand them so they're ready to be shared with the world!